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Baby Face Fairy


It has been awhile since I updated the blog. Have you missed me? I got a new lens for my camera and was testing it out with this charming Baby Face Fairy. She is a custom OOAK Natalie made by the talented artist, Alisa Williams. Hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

Have you done any DIY make overs on any of your Baby Face? I would love to hear about/see yours. Maybe we could make a Photo album.

I will be trying to update more often and hopefully will also be able to resume the website revisions soon too!

So Silly Sally

So Silly Sally

We have not seen Sally for a while, so it is no wonder that there are already 15 bids on this auction and the price is already over $200. She is loose, looks to be lightly played with and has her complete original outfit and has her heart charm tied on her wrist.

Here is the auction link. Good luck to the bidders.

Today is Open House Day!

Our Baby Face Hostess

We are having an Open House Day today to celebrate the opening of our BabyFaceDolls.com House at PittyPatterMarket.com. Yes, we are moving in today and also we are celebrating here by debuting many new pages at BabyFaceDolls.com.

We have taken down all the old pages and replaced most of them with new versions, with many new photos. We also have a completely new DIY section (that is Baby Face Do It Yourself) which will feature how to’s and tutorials on a variety of subjects, such as sewing for your Baby Face, restoration and customization. To start it off our first entry is a wonderful tutorial on How To Photograph Your Baby Face Doll, by Ms Pamela of the Baby Face Workshop.

Our cute little Baby Face Hostess will be on hand to greet you.  We will be uploading new pages here starting at 8am EST and continuing throughout the day. It does not stop there! In the coming weeks we will be continuing to add new content and videos here at BabyFaceDolls.com, so today is just the beginning. So start it off by visiting our new house at PittyPatterMarket (follow the balloons) and sign the Guest book.


Paige's Girls

Paige's Girls

We now have another new Baby Face Fansite. This one was made by Paige (Dollsnstuff). Inspired by Heather, she went to Freewebs and made a site for her dolls. I see Robyn and Beth in this picture from her site, but who is the cute little Baby Face in front on the left?

The site Is is still ‘under construction’, but she has made a good start and I think she will agree that it was not hard at all for her to create her site there. There are other free web hosting sites around besides Freewebs, so you don’t have to go to them.  You can just Google and you will find many other places to make a free websites. Try them out to see which one you like best and make yourself a Baby Face Fansite too to show off your dolls!

Don’t forget to let us know the URL, so we can add it to our links page and don’t forget to put a link to BabyFaceDolls.com on your site too!

Here is the link to Paige’s new Baby Face Fansite, so go take a look and sign her Guestbook.

I added three new videos on YouTube. They are the three Baby Face commercials in higher quality versions than the ones I had previously uploaded. Thanks to Mel, who sent me the new better quality videos, which I in turn share with all of you on the Babyfacedoll411 YouTube Channel. Here is one of the commercials.

This commercial is from the second year and shows black Charlene (which if she is out there, so far I have never found her) and also Denny (who we now know is definitely out there, in France, and is called Sacha).

The Identification page, Baby Face By the Numbers has been revised and expanded. It now has pictures and descriptions of all the dolls, their outfits and heart charms.

This new addition was originally created by Sue Davis in 1999 and appeared on her website, Sue’s Baby Face Guide. Sue was the very first person to compile all that information and it took months and months of hard work for her to do it. In those days, we had not met Mel yet and had no idea even about how many different Baby Face dolls were made! It took more than a year just to find that out. None of us, of course, had all the dolls and of what we had, many of them were not MIB when we got them, so had parts of their outfits missing. Sue had to get information from all the collectors at the AOL Baby Face group, which was the very first Baby Face group on the internet. Once she had all the outfits catalogued, then, she had to track down all the heart charms. This took months in itself because she also wanted to record the words on the envelopes. You can’t imagine how difficult a task it was for her to find every last one. A lot of the dolls if they had charms at all, would just have them tied to their wrists or ankles, no envelope. It was a work of love for Sue and she did a fabulous job.

Sue’s Baby Face Guide was one of the earliest Baby Face sites on the internet. My site was first and then came Sue and Cyndy with their own Baby Face sites. I am still here and so is Cyndy, but unfortunately Sue’s site no longer exists. Cyndy and I have tried to preserve some of Sue’s wonderful content that she had on her site by adding some of it to our Baby Face sites. So I am pleased to be able to offer Sue’s original Baby Face Identification to you. I added the part about Denny. All the rest was done by Sue.

The second new page is the newly revised Rarity Ranking List, which I invented a decade ago, to help collectors to figure out the value of the dolls. Prices of Baby Face dolls back then, as now, would go up and down frequently, which made making a price guide impossible to do with any accuracy. But, all Baby Face dolls were not created equal. The first year dolls are pretty easy to find and inexpensive. Second year dolls are less plentiful and so cost a little more and then there are a few Baby Face that are really super hard to find. So I came up with the idea to rank the dolls in order availability and called it the Rarity Ranking List. The dolls that are the hardest to find, the rarest ones, are at the top of the list and the common ones like Cynthia and Susie are at the bottom.

Periodically I revise the list and adjust the rankings to keep it up to date with the current market availability. This latest version of the list has Denny’s first appearance on the list, based on the latest information that we have confirmed that he was sold as Sacha in France and of course he occupies the spot at the very top. Several other dolls had to be moved up or down on the list to reflect their current appearances in the marketplace mostly using eBay as a gauge. The members of the Baby Face Workshop helped me do this latest revision and I thank them so much for their contribution. I could not have done it without them.

New Oodle Pages

Oodle Logo

I just completed the new Oodles pages and published them. I have revamped all the Oodle pages, plus added a few new things. My favorite is a slideshow of all Mel’s original prototype Oodle sculpeys. Also new is the Oodle trade brochure and of course the Oodle commercial. Mel gave me a better copy, so that has now been uploaded to my YouTube Channel and that version is embedded in the Oodles pages as well.

Hug and Hold Rag Dolls

New Video on YouTube today is about the Hug and Hold rag dolls. They are unsold prototypes of cute rag babies with velcro on the hands giving them the “hug” and “hold” ability.

They are kind of generic looking which is why Mel thinks they did not sell, but these designs evolved into the Mop Tops/Best Friends dolls, which he did sell to Fisher Price. I really liked them, but FP decided not to make them after all. The design evolved again and became the Color Me Cuties and as you probably already know, they did make it to the toy store shelves!

New Pages Today

I have just published the updated Foreign Baby Face Dolls pages. I have done some corrections and also added a new picture to the Canadian page.

I was the first collector to discover back in 1996 that the Canadian dolls outfits were different than other Baby Face because of the use of lace fabric instead of the organza. Probably had something to do with the Canadian import laws, but that is just speculation. What I know for sure is that the Canadian outfits are a cool looking variations and fun to see. There are pictures of the Cynthia who was my first Canadian doll and how I discovered this variation in the fabric of these dolls and also Dee Dee, Laura and Penny.

Canadian Ball Gown

Also pictured is the Canadian mail away Party Dress, which is a favorite of mine and may not be found all that often these days. The newest addition is a picture of an example of the Canadian Ball Gown. Have you ever seen one? This outfit seems to be very rare. I only have this one picture. I would love to have a better one, which would show the outfit complete with the pink shoes and the headpiece. So if you have this dress, please send us a picture of it that we could put on the page about the Canadian dolls.

Magic Diaper PVC figurines were sold in the US on blister cards, first as Magic Diaper Babies and then in the same packages, but as Baby Face Magic Diaper Babies. This was done in an attempt to stimulate sales by linking them to their number one selling dolls ie Baby Face. The figures had lukewarm sales here with or without the Baby Face brand.

Magic Babies package

Overseas, it was another story entirely. They were sold in blind packages, so that you could not see what was inside and they were hot, hot, hot. They were so popular that they kept adding more new figures and items, such as baby mermaids, dinosaurs, angels and more, all wearing the color changing diapers. These items were sold in blister packages as well as the blind packages. I am still finding new Magic Baby items that I did not know they made, such as keychains and even a board game!

Les Babies package

Their success was rivaled by another baby figurine called Lil Babies, Mini Babies, Les Babies or Gemellini. They were made from the Oodles molds, with the oodle loops cut off.  They were sold in the blind packages like the Magic Diaper Babies and were a very popular collectible in numerous countries abroad. The story is that the molds were stolen and used without permission, but that did not keep them from selling millions of them and also related merchandise, such as puzzles, enamel pins, keychains and buttons to name a few that I have found. It wasn’t until Hasbro began selling them here in the USA, that Mel even knew that they were using his molds to make a fortune for themselves without his knowledge. They even had a commercial on TV featuring the Lil Babies, which I find incredibly brazen of them.

Some ten years later, Mel revisited the Magic Diaper Babies and designed a new updated version, which was larger and had a high tech light up diaper. Unfortunately, this design was not sold, so we did not get the opportunity to buy this adorable new millennium version of the Magic Diaper Babies. Here is the presentation video that Mel made of them.

Can you believe that no company bought these great babies?

I am working on new pages about all of the PVC figures and will post a notice here when they are available on the BabyFaceDolls.com website.

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