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Monthly Archive for July, 2008

Baby Face Videos

I have been working hard on the Baby Face videos and learning quite a bit as I am doing it. First off, when Mel sent me the videos for the website, way back almost 10 years ago, computers were not very powerful and so trying to digitize video was difficult. I pushed my computer to [...]

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Denny News!!!

Denny was the holy grail of Baby Face collectors, as he was the only boy doll and was thought to have only been made in prototype form. Years ago there were rumors that Denny had actually been made and sold in France, but no one I ever spoke to had ever actually seen one. As [...]

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Hello World

I am redesigning BabyFaceDolls.com and thought I would start this blog to let you all know what’s new. Right now I have a preview online of how the new site will look. You can get there by gong to Babyfacedolls.com It currently only has a few pages working, but at least you can get an [...]

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