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I have begun adding some new pages to the website. I will be removing the equivalent old pages (if there is one) as I go along.  The newest page is History of Baby Face Dolls, which I just published today. Included on that page is the new HD version of the original presentation video of the first three prototype dolls, which is available now on YouTube.

I will post here on the blog to let you know what’s new, whenever I add new pages or new content.

New Baby Face Fansite

Heather's Favorite Girls

Heather's favorite girls

Congratulations Heather on making your very own Baby Face fansite! A lovely job you did on it too. Once upon a time there were quite a few Baby Face fansites out there that Baby Face collectors had made about their dolls. Very few remain, so I am so pleased to see a new one.

Hopefully your site will inspire some other collectors to make their own sites. There are a number of places, like Freewebs, that make it very easy to do. You don’t need to know anything about HTML or writing code. They have easy templates and all you do is upload your photos and write like you would in an email. It is fun to showcase your dolls on your very own site. Try it and see!

You can visit Heather’s site here

We are going to be adding a Links page to BabyFaceDolls.com and would love to add you site. Heather’s will be there, so how about yours? Send us the URL of your site so that all the Baby Face websites can network.

Mel Birnkrant, the Baby Face Daddy, has sent us new copies of all the videos, made directly from his original Masters, for me to share with all of you. They are totally awesome! I will be adding them to our YouTube Channel.

This first one is the Special Delivery dolls presentation video. It features the original prototype dolls that were made with flocked vinyl heads.

Special Delivery prototype dolls on Mel's desk

You will be more familiar with them as COD or Cuddle On Delivery dolls, which is the name that TYCO gave them. They also eliminated the flocking on the heads, but otherwise the Cuddles are pretty much identical to the prototype dolls you see in this picture and in the video.

Working on the Website

Sorry I have not posted on the blog lately because I am busy, busy, busy with the new site design. Getting ready to launch the new site soon, so stay tuned here for announcements. Was trying to get it ready for this weekend, but have to postpone. Have a conflict for the following weekend, so I think the big day will be September 6.

Does Denny Have a Tan?

I didn’t think so and Denny has been living with me for many years now. But if you look at the picture of Joan’s recent eBay find, several people have pointed out that it looks to them like hers does. Here is a picture of Sasha

NRFB French Denny, Sacha

NRFB French Denny, Sacha

What about him?

My Denny’s vinyl is definitely different than the other dolls. I am not referring to the skintone so much, but the quality of the vinyl is really nice. I had always thought it was because my Denny was a prototype and that explained why he was different. It could be that the dolls from the ToyFair display are a little different. One possibility is that they come from the first run or they could be sample dolls. Sample dolls are hand made and are what they use to decide if they are going to go any further and make that design. Those are the dolls that you see pictured on the boxes. The next step is they create the waxy that are sent to the factory in China. They use them to make the actual metal molds for the machines. When they set up the line for a particular mold, they do a small test run. Those dolls are sent to the company, in this case Galoob, for approval and so that they could make any last minute changes at that point before going into full production. I think that the ToyFair display dolls are from the test run and so the vinyl could be a little different than in the final production dolls.

Blue eyed Dee Dee and Denny side by side

Blue eyed Dee Dee and Denny side by side

I got Denny to pose with a blue eyed Dee Dee for you, to see how they looked together to illustrate what we have been talking about.What do you think? He does sort of look tan or olive complexion, doesn’t he? I was very surprised by the results of this photo. In person the difference in skintone is much less pronounced than how it looks on my monitor anyway, but no question, the boy is definitely tan. The other surprising thing is that the eye color in person is very different, but in the picture not so much.

I am looking for photos of more Denny’s that have been found in the WILD or who were like my Denny, part of the ToyFair display. I am making a page devoted to Denny and so need pictures and also where you found Denny and the date (the year is enough)

Who Am I?

Two Baby Face dolls on eBay

Two Baby Face dolls on eBay

So if you came across an auction on eBay for these two girls, what would you think? Would you get excited? Maybe you wouldn’t even notice the girl on the left with the blue eyes. A blue eyed Dee Dee? We have seen that many times before, so what?

Take another look, ladies. That’s no blue eyed Dee Dee, that is a genuine Denny found in the WILD! Now that has to be the ultimate thrill for a Baby Face collector, don’t you think? It also tells us that we now know that there are a lot more Denny’s out there than we thought. So although he is still rare, he actually was a production doll and not a prototype only, so he now has officially moved to number one ranking on the Baby Face Rarity Ranking Chart.

Congratulations Joan on your incredible find! It is the dream of every Baby Face collector to find a Denny in the WILD. I am sure when Denny gets home he will get out of Heidi’s dress and into some clothes more to his liking and get rid of that ponytail too. He looks a little embarrassed in the picture or maybe he is just laughing at his disguise and thinking that no one would recognize him. What do you think?

So how do you tell the difference between a blue eyed Dee Dee and a Denny? In person pretty easy, I think and most Baby Face collectors by now could examine a doll and determine whether they had a Dee Dee or a Denny in their hands. But what if you are just looking at an auction picture online like this one? How do you know that you are looking at Denny and not blue eyed Dee Dee?

Well, here are a few clues to look for that may help you make an ID. Denny has blonde hair and Dee Dee is platinum. Picture online may not help you tell the colour of the hair accurately though, so be careful there. Denny has a part in his hair. When you can examine him in person, easily seen, but in an auction photo, as you can see in this picture, the part may not noticeable. So that clue may not help you either. Denny’s eyes are a lovely deep turquoise blue that I have never seen on a Dee Dee. Again we have the problem of colours on your monitor are not always accurate. So what was the clue that gave him away to Joan? I think it must have been the eyes. No, not the colour, but Denny has side glancing eyes and Dee Dee looks straight ahead. I think that was the final clue, along with the hair colour that enabled Joan to ID that girl as being Denny in disguise. Good looking out, for sure Joan!

BTW, Denny was found on the French eBay site.

What do you know? Another black Becca comes out of hiding, just days after the last auction. This is truly amazing to see back to back black Becca auctions.(Try to say that one three times fast!) Take a look at how pretty this one is…
Another black Becca on eBay
She is loose, but very minty looking. Clearly this is a display doll, never been played with. She is complete with her heart charm tied on her wrist, dressed in her original top and diaper and even has or original hair ribbons intact.

Good luck to the bidders for this prize. I would not be surprised if yet another collector may be completing their collection with this hard to find baby.

Click here to go to the auction page.

Here is a real treat for y’all. This video is of Mel being interviewed several years ago, Christmas Morning on GMA. He gives a tour of the converted schoolhouse that he and Eunice call home and that houses his amazing collection of early twentieth century Disney, comic and cartoon character toys. See his workbench where Baby Face were born and hear him talk about his collection and his long career as a doll and toy designer. You will love this, I guarantee!

Click here to view the higher quality version. Looks great expanded to full screen. I predict you will have to watch it multiple times, to take it all in.

Baby Face Doll – Sisters

I needed a few dolls for redressing, so I went to eBay and found these girls, who were just perfect for what I wanted.  Here they are just after arriving and being let out of the box.

Baby Face Sisters from eBay, Charlene, Heidi and Penny

They seem to be very happy to be here, as we are to have them.

My first attempt at making a stop motion video. Click here to watch the higher quality version. Current YouTube default for embeded videos is the standard quality and the HD version is only available if you go to the YouTube page of the video, as in this link

eBay Baby Face News

Baby Face auction of interest for this week is a black Becca.

Black Becca on eBay

The black version of Becca is one of the hardest of all the Baby Face dolls to find, so it is no wonder that this auction is receiving so much attention from collectors. The auction already had 10 bids and the price is at $300. Wow! This poor dear is loose and appears to be lightly played with. She is missing her hair bows, heart charm and outfit. Wearing Sarah’s top and a replacement diaper. Looks to me like a few people are needing black Becca, so the competition is fierce!

Here is a link to the auction if you are interested in bidding or just want to spectate.

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